The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) Program

Whether you’re looking to start a company today, tomorrow, or you’re simply interested in the world of entrepreneurship, the EiR program is your opportunity to receive one-on-one mentorship from a successful entrepreneur. Click on their profiles below to set up an appointment.

Learn & Grow

Interested in tech, healthcare, or social impact? Our network of EiRs has a diverse range of experiences, and connecting with them is a great way to explore your interests.

Free Flowing Conversation

Ask them for advice on your career, your studies, or simply ask them about themselves. It doesn’t need to be a structured conversation.

No Commitment Necessary

Our EiRs are at your disposal. You can connect with one this week, and chat with another next week.

Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR)

Expertise: Startups, Social Impact, Operations, Project Management 

Industry: Social Impact, Philanthropy, Non-profits

Expertise: Psychology, Mental Health Startups, Well-Being, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Conscious Leadership, Coaching

Industry: Healthcare, Tech

Expertise: Brand Creation and Management, Retail, Messaging, Startups, Customer, and Community Relations

Industry: Retail, Communications

Expertise: Software as a Service (SaaS), Strategic Partnerships, Branding, Demand Generation, Sales & Business Development, and Revenue Models

Industry: Software, Sports Marketing, Education Technology, Automobile Sector


Expertise: Fintech, Payments, B2B SaaS, Latin America, Proptech, Real Estate Tech, Urban Mobility

Industries: B2B SaaS, Payments, Fintech, Real Estate, Technology, Transportation

Expertise: Building and growing teams, Sourcing and Preserving Talent, Creation, care and maintenance of company culture.

Industry: Manufacturing, Automation

Expertise: Bootstrapping Startups, B2B Business, Manufacturing, Finance, Innovation, Supply Chain, and Operations

Industry: Manufacturing, Operations Management, Retail


Expertise & Industry: Venture Capital, technology, social impact; Expertise – social entrepreneurship, early-stage ventures, business models, financing

Expertise: Strategy, New Business Creation, Culture, Organizational Design, M&A, Branding, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Performance Measurement

Industries: Service Businesses, Franchising, Hospitality, Education, Private Equity

Industries/Expertise: Foreign relations, US Government Affairs, Public Policy, Tech sector, Tech Policy, National Security, Lifestyle brands (Real Estate, dating, social media, home remodeling/design)

Expertise: Pharma/Biotech, Cleantech/Sustainability, Healthcare, Retail, Enterprise, and Residential Real Estate

Industry: Healthcare, Environmental Science, Energy, Biotech

Expertise: Human Centered Design, Business Development, Pitching, Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Leadership

Industries: Non-Profit, E-Commerce, Health, Philanthropy

Expertise: Scaling Social Ventures, Emerging Economies, Major Partnerships, Thought-Leadership, Speaker, and Women Leaders

Industry: International Development, Social Venture, Emerging Economies

Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, Pitching, Business Development, and Marketing

Industry: Consumer Products, Management Consulting, Computer Science

Expertise: Publishing, Online Media, Commercial Real Estate, E-Learning , New Product Development, New Venture Creation, and Financing

Industry: Real Estate, Energy, Online Learning


Industry: Early stage start up messaging, investor presentations, life science/ health care and enterprise technologies

Expertise: Consumer Products, Media & Technology, Branding & Marketing, Growth Strategies, Intra-preneurism, Leadership and Operations

Industry: Consulting, Digital Media Communications, Streaming Services

Expertise: Startups, Strategy & Innovation, Branding, Venture Financing

Industries: Consumer Products, Retail, Healthcare

Expertise: Startups, Consumer and B2B Product Innovation & Development, Content Creation, New Technologies, Intrapreneurship

Industry: Digital Media, Product Development, Innovation

Expertise: Tech Startups, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Operations

Industry: Social Impact, Technology

Expertise: Tech and Non-Tech Startups, International Matters, Organizational Development, and Business Development

Industry: Technology, Manufacturing, International Development, Law, Healthcare

Expertise: Startups, Customer Discovery and Design Thinking, and Product Positioning

Industry: Technology, Real Estate, Franchising 

Expertise: Leadership, Business Operations, and Strategy 

Industry: Technology, Transportation, Policy Management, Two-sided marketplace

Expertise: Franchising, Foodservice, Real Estate Entrepreneurship, and Structuring Deals

Industry: Food Service Consulting, Brand Management, Franchise Management, Real Estate

Expertise: Business and Growth Strategy, Talent Strategy and Culture


Expertise: Technology Services and Startups, CRM (customer relationship management), Middle Market Buyouts, Venture Capital, Business strategy, and Entrepreneurship

Industry: Venture Capital/Private Equity, IT

Expertise: Startups, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Business Operations, Grant Writing, Fundraising

Industry: Social Impact, Business Strategy 

Expertise: Digital Marketing, Technology, and Product Development

Experts On Call (EOC)

Neil Agarwal (B'06)

Expertise: Startups, Family Business, Finance, Strategy, Business Development, Culture, Leadership

Brigid Andrews

Expertise: Retail, Business Development, E-Commerce, Fashion Merchandising, Marketing Strategy

Robert Bolen (B'20)

Expertise: Product Design, e-Commerce and Marketing Strategy; Operations/Logistics

Rahul Bhandari

Expertise: Starting and Scaling Businesses, Product Development, Business Development, Team Development, and Fundraising

Paul Centenari

Expertise: Sales, Manufacturing, Operations/Logistics, Venture Finance, and Personal Development

Expertise: Leadership, Strategist, Team Management, and Partnerships 

John Hannula (MBA"92)

Expertise: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Technology Startups, Beverage Industry

Gretchen Hansen (SFS'90)

Expertise: Web Development, Technology Startups, Product Development, Digital Services, Scaling, Acquisitions

Picture of Shaun Johnson

Shaun Johnson (C'07)

Expertise: Technology Startups and Startup Accelerators, Seed Stage Investment, Product/Concept Development, and IT Analytics

Ario Keshani (SFS'05)

Expertise: Fundraising, Angel Investing, Seed Investing, Personal Development, Startup Advising

Picture of Ryan Kuder

Ryan Kuder (B'96)

Expertise: Business Development, Venture Capital, Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Strategy/Operations

Sara Mattern (SFS'08)

Expertise: Recruiting, Renewable Energy, Startup Legal Issues

Tiffany Norwood

Expertise: Technology, Public Speaking, Product Development, Digital Market, Education, and Storytelling

Andrew "Andy" Rah (MBA'06)

Expertise: Retail, Sales, Product Development, Channel Marketing, creative, e-Commerce, Public Relations, Social Media, Beauty Industry

Nitya Rajendran (C'14)

Expertise: Venture Capital, Investing, Due Diligence, and Advising Startups

Andrew Ruud (B'05)

Expertise: New Technologies, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intrapreneurship, Corporate Projects

Picture of Pat Sheridan

Pat Sheridan

Expertise: Innovation in Large Organizations, Mobile Development, Web Development, Startup Management, and Leadership Development

Aaron Smith (L'10)

Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, Technology Startups, and the Finance Industry

Slade Smith (B'06)

Expertise: Angel Investing, Sales, Marketing & Communications, Strategy, Finance & Venture Capital, Technology

Vanessa Ting (MBA'08)

Expertise: Brand Development, Data Analytics, Consumer Trends, Consumer Packaged Goods, Social Entrepreneurship, and Growth Strategy

Picture of Rick Toren

Rick Toren

Expertise: Hospital and Medical Device Development, Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Management, Business Development, and Startups

Picture of Jaime Vasquez

Jaime Vasquez (MBA'89)

Expertise: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Leadership

Dave Weinberg

Expertise: Digital Services, Government, Team Management, and Technology

Eric Woods (B'91)

Expertise: Strategy, Operations, Finances, Technology, Venture Capital, and Growth

Picture of Sara Zulkosky

Sara Zulkosky (MBA'14)

Expertise: Venture Capital, Startups, Business Development, Strategy, Operations, and Sustainability