The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR) Program

Whether you’re looking to start a company today, tomorrow, or you’re simply interested in the world of entrepreneurship, the EiR program is your opportunity to receive one-on-one mentorship from a successful entrepreneur. Click on their profiles below to set up an appointment.

Learn & Grow

Interested in tech, healthcare, or social impact? Our network of EiRs has a diverse range of experiences, and connecting with them is a great way to explore your interests.

Free Flowing Conversation

Ask them for advice on your career, your studies, or simply ask them about themselves. It doesn’t need to be a structured conversation.

No Commitment Necessary

Our EiRs are at your disposal. You can connect with one this week, and chat with another next week.

Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR)

Jessica Carson

Senior Director of Venture & Entrepreneurship, The American Psychological Association

Rose Carter

Co-founder of Aeternum LLC / Co-founder of Global Wireless Solutions

Laura Clark

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager, The Good Food Institute

Ellen Eisenberg

Adjunct Professor, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business

Dahna Goldstein

Chief Investment Officer, Halcyon and Co-Managing Director of the Halcyon Fund

Experts On Call (EOC)

Neil Agarwal (B'06)

Expertise: Startups, Family Business, Finance, Strategy, Business Development, Culture, Leadership

Brigid Andrews

Expertise: Retail, Business Development, E-Commerce, Fashion Merchandising, Marketing Strategy

Rahul Bhandari

Expertise: Starting and Scaling Businesses, Product Development, Business Development, Team Development, and Fundraising

Robert Bolen (B'20)

Expertise: Product Design, e-Commerce and Marketing Strategy; Operations/Logistics

Paul Centenari

Expertise: Sales, Manufacturing, Operations/Logistics, Venture Finance, and Personal Development

Meghan Fitzpatrick (NHS'07)

Expertise: Angel Investing, General Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Early Stage Ventures


Expertise: Leadership, Strategist, Team Management, and Partnerships 

John Hannula (MBA"92)

Expertise: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Technology Startups, Beverage Industry

Shaun Johnson (C'07)

Expertise: Technology Startups and Startup Accelerators, Seed Stage Investment, Product/Concept Development, and IT Analytics

Nitya Rajendran (C'14)

Expertise: Venture Capital, Investing, Due Diligence, and Advising Startups

Aaron Smith (L'10)

Expertise: Social Entrepreneurship, Technology Startups, and the Finance Industry

Slade Smith (B'06)

Expertise: Angel Investing, Sales, Marketing & Communications, Strategy, Finance & Venture Capital, Technology

Rick Toren

Expertise: Hospital and Medical Device Development, Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Management, Business Development, and Startups

Jaime Vasquez (MBA'89)

Expertise: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Leadership

Kate Venezia

Expertise: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Data & Analytics, Finance, B2C, B2B, D2C, Enterprise, SaaS, and Mid Stage Ventures

Sara Zulkosky (MBA'14)

Expertise: Venture Capital, Startups, Business Development, Strategy, Operations, and Sustainability