Rick Robinson

VP of Enterprise Product Innovation, AARP

Expertise: Startups, Consumer and B2B Product Innovation & Development, Content Creation, New Technologies, Intrapreneurship

Industry: Digital Media, Product Development, Innovation

Rick Robinson got his start as editor of BBS Magazine in the early ’90s, chronicling the pre-Web era’s technology and personalities. He moved on to innovate online journalism for Digital City and America Online, where he later cofounded and ran product and content for AOL Mobile. Robinson next led AOL Community Products, running services such as blogs, chat, message boards, home pages, groups and realtime social search.

He left AOL after 10 years to lead product and content for Freewebs, then led product and content operations for Sprint’s 4G (mobile broadband) service called XOHM. After a stint in Southeast Asia helping stand up a mobile broadband business, he got involved advising startups and writing about them for a site he founded called Locl.ly (later sold to Street Fight Magazine). Along the way he co-founded Two Minute Feedback (anonymous feedback app) and TwitChamp (a tool to measure your Twitter presence against others).

Robinson served as Senior Vice President of Digital Products & Content at National Geographic, then cofounded the leading on-demand mobility platform Urgent.ly. He left the startup to be VP of Product at POLITICO and currently serves as VP of Product and Startup Engagement at AARP Innovation Labs.

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