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“Digital Sustainability and Entrepreneurship: How Digital Innovations Are Helping Tackle Climate Change and Sustainable Development”.                               by Gerard George (Georgetown University), Ryan Merrill (Singapore Management University), & Simon Schillebeeckx (Singapore Management University)

How can digital technologies help address society’s most pressing challenges, and what problems will social and sustainable entrepreneurs face as they innovate for positive change? Georgetown Entrepreneurship Professor Gerry George and colleagues recently published an article in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice which answers these questions. Professor George suggests that new tools in the “digital toolbox”, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things enable for market opportunities to create more sustainable operations, products, and services. These digital innovations, George argues, can enable for a transformative commitment by entrepreneurs to correct a market failure at the crossroads of the economic, social, and environmental realms. George and his colleagues go on to identify a number of challenges underpinning this “digital imperative”, including problems of knowing the true condition of natural ecosystems, the difficulty in quantifying socioecological value, and the challenges of reaching those “at the bottom of the pyramid.” This paper was recently nominated for a “best paper” award by the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division at the Academy of Management. 

Read the full paper through Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library here.

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