Director of Startups, Georgetown Ventures

Being a full-time student while trying to start and scale a business is hard. Georgetown Entrepreneurship, and the people and mentors that I've met here, supported me so much that I feel it's achievable.

Founding President, Georgetown Entrepreneurship MED

Founder of UHustle Inc.

Georgetown has an administration that really empowers us as students, faculty, and alumni
to innovate—to create and build these things that I don't know other institutions have placed as much
value or resources into. I've never been in a position where I didn't have the resources needed.

Chief Marketing Officer, Georgetown Ventures

Associate Teaching Professor, McDonough School of Business

Our vision at Georgetown is that every student should develop an entrepreneurial mindset. If you think
about the pace of change in our world today, it's crucial no matter what career path you will choose.
You need to understand change, ambiguity, risk, and opportunity. The things we teach in entrepreneurship
are valuable no matter which career path you will choose.

Founding Director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative