Undergraduate & MBA Venture Fellows

The Georgetown Venture Fellows Program is designed as a unique one-year apprenticeship in a venture capital or private equity firm. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in VC/PE, while firms benefit from high-quality work and the continuity of having an “intern” for longer than a few weeks.

The Venture Fellows program is run by the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative in conjunction with the McDonough School of Business MBA Program and the McDonough Career Center, along with generous assistance from a faculty group led by Professors Sezer Ulku, Sandeep Dahiya, and Jeff Reid.

The Georgetown Venture Fellows Program provides a unique opportunity and not ideal for everyone. Undergraduate students (sophomores and juniors graduating in 2022 or later) and full-time first-year MBA student are eligible to apply; international students must have completed at least one full year of academic studies as of January 1, 2021 to apply, in compliance with US immigration and labor laws. 

Announcing the 2021 Georgetown Venture Fellows

Billion Dollar Fund for Women/Beyond the Billion 
– Adriana Gonzalez-Caballero (MBA)
– Lauren Jordan (MBA)  
Blu Venture Investors
– Davron Borhan (BS)
– Rory Brogan (MBA)
Fusion Fund
– Prem Patel (MBA)
Georgetown Angel Investor Network (GAIN)
– Brandon Shapiro (MBA)
– Mikayla Swanson (BA)

Greenspring Associates

– Bridget Greaney (MBA)
– Peter Nantawisarakul (MBA)
– JP Steers (MBA)  
Lavrock Ventures
– Adam Kuebler (MBA)
LegalTech Fund
– Tristan Hough  
 New Stack Ventures
– Yukta Gutta (BA)
Paladin Capital
– Jack Lovern (MBA) 
Purple Sage
– Natalia Cala (BS)
Revolution – Rise of the Rest Fund
– Rebecca Singer (MBA)
Scout Ventures
– Jak Kramer (MBA)
– Sahil Khanijo (BS)
Squadra Ventures
– Carlos Bello (MBA)
– Isaac Carp (MBA)
– Div Goel (MBA)
TDF Ventures 
– Matteo Palacardo (BS)

General Calendar of Application, Selection, Fellowship

The MBA Venture Fellows Program is open to full-time Georgetown MBA students with permanent US work authorization. Fellows are selected in November/December and start in January. During the spring semester Fellows work approximately 10 hours/week (unpaid) for a venture firm in such tasks as due diligence, deal sourcing, and assisting portfolio companies. During the summer, Fellows work full-time as a summer intern in the firm (may be paid a market-rate wage, which varies by firm). When the fall semester starts, the Fellow and the firm have the option to continue a part-time work arrangement for the rest of the calendar year. There is no expectation or promise of full-time employment with the firm at the end of the Fellowship, though some of our MBA Fellows have secured post-MBA positions in venture capital through this program.

October:  Firms register to participate in program by providing MBA Venture Fellow job descriptions

Early November:  Students apply to Venture Fellows positions from participating firms.

November/December:  Firms interview students, make offers, finalize offers/accepts

January-May:  MBA Venture Fellows work at firms part-time during school year

June-August:  MBA Venture Fellows work at firms as full-time summer internship

September-December:  Firms/Fellows may agree to continue Fellowship on a part-time schedule 

For more information about the program, please contact Eric Young at Eric.Young@georgetown.edu