Undergraduate Education

Entrepreneurship Minor/Fellows Program

To declare an Entrepreneurship Minor (MSB students-only), please declare here: Minor declaration form

Entrepreneurship Minor

The minor will comprise four courses (12 credits), three of which will be required and one of which will be an elective. The course sequence will ensure the students who complete the minor will develop skills such as critical reasoning and decision-making in complex markets and industries, opportunity identification based on market and industry analysis, and design concepts for products and services. Please declare here: Minor declaration form

Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

The Entrepreneurship Fellows Program (EFP) is designed specifically for undergraduate students with a commitment to and interest in understanding entrepreneurship. Open to students in NHS, SFS, and the College degree programs, Entrepreneurship Fellows explore the meaning of an entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to apply entrepreneurial problem-solving skills throughout their careers.





Applications will be accepted again in Fall 2022. Students applying from outside the McDonough School of Business should check with their deans to make sure there are no conflicts with other degree or certificate requirements.

Additional Benefits

  • Preferred access to entrepreneurship courses and events
  • Access to internships and first-hand exposeure to startup life
  • Introductions to experienced entrepreneurs and mentors
  • The chance to connect with peers who share your entrepreneurial interest


Entrepreneurship Fellows must complete the following sequence:

  • MGMT 220: Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 224: Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • MGMT 229: Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Compete in the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Challenge Pitch Competition or another agreed upon competition.
In addition, non-business school students must complete ACCT 001. A course in computer science/coding or financial management may be accepted as a substitute for this requirement at the discretion of the program directors.
Fellows will meet regularly throughout the program to work on potential venture ideas with mentors, faculty and other advisors. There is flexibility in scheduling these courses to allow students who spend a semester abroad to complete the fellowship.


Undergraduate Courses

The aim of these courses is to take the mystique out of entrepreneurship, exploring the tools and techniques that entrepreneurs use to maximize their chances of success. The sequence is more “hands on” than many traditional business school courses, and all classes are open to undergraduates outside the business school.

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