Georgetown Entrepreneurship at the CALL

Live And Learn As An Entrepreneur In Downtown D.C.!

An Innovative and Experiential Learning Concept from Georgetown Entrepreneurship

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Join Georgetown Entrepreneurship for a transformative semester at Georgetown’s new Capitol Applied Learning Labs (the CALL).  Georgetown Entrepreneurship is partnering with the CALL to offer an immersive entrepreneurship semester in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C.


Being a part of Entrepreneurship@TheCALL includes placement in an internship in an entrepreneurial venture of your choice; personalized career and professional development coaching; networking in the dynamic D.C. entrepreneurship scene; residence in downtown D.C.; impactful, coordinated coursework; and more.

To learn more about the location of this exciting new program at the emerging Capitol Campus, and the CALL in general, check out the CALL’s website and coverage in the Washington Post, the Voice, and the Hoya.

"The CALL offers a whole new way for students to apply themselves in the world as they develop their authentic selves. Moving off the hilltop for a term to the Capitol Campus, students can experience the fullness of Washington, D.C., engage with local communities, build professional networks, and explore the power of using their education for the common good."

President John DeGioia

Earn Your Entrepreneurship Minor in Just One Semester!


the majority of credits needed to complete the Entrepreneurship minor


valuable experience by embedding in one or more local entrepreneurial ventures


an entrepreneurial mindset by learning effective techniques and methods


with a new resume and -- more importantly -- a new professional and personal narrative


a community of entrepreneurs working to develop creative and nuanced solutions to meaningful problems