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Georgetown University’s Entrepreneurial Pilot Initiative in the Health and Wellness Space

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Health & Wellness

Georgetown Entrepreneurship continues to create space for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to explore their passions and translate ideas into new ventures, solving the toughest challenges and leaving the world a better place than how they found it.

Recognizing the urgent and growing need for this continued innovation within the health and wellness space, we launched a new pilot initiative to partner with leaders across the University and our community to provide more targeted entrepreneurial support to enable our students, alumni, faculty, and staff to embark on and be successful in furthering these ideas.

Through this pilot, Georgetown Entrepreneurship seeks to be a force multiplier for existing innovation programs, instill the entrepreneurial mindset in our thought leaders, and build the skillsets needed to make these ideas a reality.

Food as Medicine: Virtual Panel on Food and Healthcare Innovation

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The Future of Healthcare: Tech, Innovation, & Access in the U.S. 

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified issues within the United States healthcare system, notably its  structural vulnerabilities and access and affordability challenges. Ripe for transformation, disruptors  across the industry are addressing challenges through innovative tech platforms, specialized delivery  programs, and a growing focus on holistic wellness. Join a conversation on the future of U.S. healthcare, moderated by Christopher King, Ph.D., MHSc, FACHE, Dean of the Georgetown University School of  Health featuring: 

• Michael Chappelear (NHS’16), Co-Founder & COO, Endear Health 
• Catherine Hayes (NHS’03), President & Co-Founder, Cardea Health 
• Ricardo Nuila, MD (C’00), Physician, Professor of Medicine, and Author of The People’s Hospital

• Ryung Suh (M’98, MPP’98, MBA’03), Associate Professor, Former Chair of the Department of  Health Systems Administration 

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Mentoring & Resources

Start-Up Virtual Bootcamp

Tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence and select alumni, we developed a mini-MBA curriculum, asynchronous resources, (including instructional videos, best practices, and winning pitch examples – all tailored to this unique market) and provided 1-on-1 mentoring to support medical students in pitching innovative ventures at this year’s Georgetown Entrepreneurship Challenge and Healthcare Innovation Summit.

  • Increased participation by 30% in 2023 with an expected 100% additional increase in 2024
  • Invited winning teams for consideration in Entrepreneurship’s Summer Launch Incubator and Georgetown Startup Accelerator

The Gap Fund

In recognizing the funding challenges of many early-stage discoveries, Georgetown created The Gap Fund to overcome some of the funding barriers and to strengthen the impact on innovation from our research enterprise.

In collaboration with The Office of Technology Commercialization and Georgetown Leadership, Entrepreneur-in-Residence John Jabara has been supporting The Gap Fund since inception. He serves on the advisory board that reviews applications and brings thought leadership and best practices in design thinking and lean startup to support university inventors and awardees in moving these ideas forward.

Learn more about how it could apply to your research and innovations:

Service & Engagement

We continue to expand our engagement across the University and our region to build community, make connections, and offer expertise to further our impact.

Engaging with alumni

Connecting with our alumni working in the healthcare entrepreneurship and innovation space to help students to gain access to expertise, funding, and career opportunities.

Expanding our network

Building relationships with local innovation labs, government and policy leaders, and regional life science accelerators to amplify our impact.

Gaining Exposure

Bringing a start-up business point of view to University programs, like the Global Social Innovation Lab, to help companies refine their ideas to address global health and wellness challenges.

creating Informal communities

Facilitating collaboration and networking through established communication channels and student and club events.

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