Georgetown Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is one of the world’s most powerful forces for positive change. Georgetown Entrepreneurship seeks to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in students, to foster an entrepreneurial culture across the university, to support the successful growth of alumni ventures, and to leverage the power of entrepreneurship to make an impact in the world beyond Georgetown.


We offer a vast
array of programs, organizations, courses,
and events for graduate and
undergraduate students
from across the
university to engage
with the world of entrepreneurship.


We support alumni in the
pursuit of their dreams,
whether that dream is building a startup from the ground up, working at a startup, or taking their passion for entrepreneurship to the corporate, government, or nonprofit worlds.


Georgetown entrepreneurs use passion, knowledge, and creativity to tackle the world’s most challenging issues. We are problem solvers, change makers, and boat rockers. We are big thinkers, “roll up your sleeves” doers, and social innovators.

The Georgetown Venture Lab

The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative at the McDonough School of Business launched the Georgetown Venture Lab, a modern co-working space that provides the university and its network of alumni entrepreneurs with a valuable physical footprint in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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