Got two minutes? Georgetown students enter the battle of ideas at this “elevator pitch” competition designed for early-stage ideas. Thousands of dollars are at stake and any student with a bright idea can apply. 


Spring 2022 Rocket Pitch 

Order of Pitches

  1. EVOLVED Homes by S. Lovey Parker (SCS’23)
  2. Thrive & Go by Taylor Deasy (B’24) and Erin Connery (B’24)
  3. Olympus Meats by Asheena Siddiqui (G’22), Devin Diedrich (G’22), Panos Kostopoulos (G’22)
  4. REMEFY Technology LLC by Juan Zabala (SCS’22)
  5. Moon & Moose by Katie Miata (B’24)
  6. Chestr by Besart Copa (SFS’22)
  7. Maet by Rami Beyhum (B’22)
  8. Nice Move by Carolyn Nice (SCS’23)
  9. Kapi by Tereza Yerimyan (MBA’23)
  10. Fusion Charcuterie by Jade Glab (B’22)
  11. Yung Love by Lauren Lim Chee Yung (B’24)
  12. Avicen by Nurmukhammad Mukhammadiev (SFS’24) and Ivan Shandybin (SFS’24)
  13. Yellowhammer Strategic Partners by Jack Eldridge (MBA’23)
  14. Rebuildee by Russell Tuchman (MBA’22), Michael Pollinger (MBA’22), and Adrian Baker-Kang (MBA’22)
  15. Dreame by Victor Asemota (C’22)
  16. Indie-Go Wellness by Tara L. Aldridge (SCS’22)
  17. Blockade by Holden Zerega (B’24)
  18. Love Kits On-The-Go by Jordynn Jenkins (C’24)
  19. Coffee & Creamer by Ranjan Biswas (MBA’23)
  20. Filutions by William Athey-Lloyd (MBA’23)
  21. Holistic Lamb of Wellness by Kyndra Lundy (C’22)
  22. Aisle by Reynard Perrin (MBA’22) and Jason Blanco (MBA’23)
  23. Allure Apparel by Jessica Solomon (B’25) and Nicole Needham (B’25)

Fall 2021 Rocket Pitch Winners

  • 1st Place: Jubilee by Josiah Keilson (MBA’23), Ryan Melcher (MBA’23), and Johanna Walsh (MBA’23)
  • 2nd Place: Seawatch Labs LLC by Annie Glassie (SCSS’22)
  • People’s Choice Award: Try-Impact by Mackenzie Loy (MBA’23) and Sam Winer (MBA’23)
  • The Eisenberg Prize for First-Generation Student Entrepreneurs: Serenity by Kevin Boodram (C’21)
  • Cindy Groves Entrepreneurship for the Common Good Prize: CareForHer by Rnad Salaita (SFS’22)

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