Got two minutes? Georgetown students enter the battle of ideas at this “elevator pitch” competition designed for early-stage ideas. Thousands of dollars are at stake and any student with a bright idea can apply. 

Pitching at Venture in The Capital, Friday, January 26th 

  • 1st Place Shanda, Dumi Mabhena (MSB’24) – 1st Place – $1500

  • 2nd Place CultivateMonty Singer (MSB’26) – 2nd Place $750

  • People’s Choice Award DiscubbleAidan Ng (SFS’25), Benjamin Manens (SFS’26), Caroline Tan (SFS’23) – People’s Choice – $500

  • The Eisenberg Prize for First-Generation Student Entrepreneur SoleStep, Mika Rhabb (MSB’24) Omar Wilson (MSB’24) , James Hart (MSB’24) – First Gen Prize – $1000

  • Entrepreneurship for the Common Good Prize Procure, Blake Taurone (MED’24 ) Varsha Harish (MED’25) , Gabriel Jabbour (MED’25) – Common Good – $1000


  •  Shanda, Dumi Mabhena (MSB’24)

  • CultivateMonty Singer (MSB’26) 

  • DiscubbleAidan Ng (SFS’25), Benjamin Manens (SFS’26), Caroline Tan (SFS’23) 

  • SoleStep, Mika Rhabb (MSB’24) Omar Wilson (MSB’24) , James Hart (MSB’24)

  • Procure, Blake Taurone (MED’24 ) Varsha Harish (MED’25) , Gabriel Jabbour (MED’25) 

  • UnstuckBrian Yu (COL ’24)

  • Preserved Petals, Lucinda Bakken (MSB ’25)

  • Campaign Crafters, Michael Korvyakov (MSB ’27)

  • Wallet Walk , Saif Alremeithi (MSB ’24)

  • Post Op DropMarcus H. Cunningham (MED ’25), Nithin K. Lankipalle (MED ’25)

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