Got two minutes? Georgetown students enter the battle of ideas at this “elevator pitch” competition designed for early-stage ideas. Thousands of dollars are at stake and any student with a bright idea can apply. 


Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 5:00pm (EST)
Lohrfink Auditorium, Hariri Building

Fall 2023 Rocket Pitch Winners

  • 1st Place: Georgetown REUSE by Stephane Granato, Brooke Hodge, and Molly Austin 

  • 2nd Place: Fit-Nest, LLC by Raashed Hall

  • People’s Choice Award: Georgetown REUSE by Stephane Granato, Brooke Hodge, and Molly Austin 

  • The Eisenberg Prize for First-Generation Student Entrepreneur:  Fit-Nest, LLC by Raashed Hall

  • Entrepreneurship for the Common Good Prize: Alone No More by Dion Lorenz L. Romano and Hermella Mathewos

Feb 2nd, 2023 Spring Rocket Pitch 


1 Seria Kimberly Rightor    
2 Bread Investing Raghav Chutani    
3 Elite Bidet Nicholas Giotis    
4 TellUs Jennifer Austin Kerry Clark Joyce Meyer
5 EZ Estate Alex Rosen    
6 Best Bar Monty Singer    
7 Fit-Nest LLC. Raashed Hall    
8 Shanda Dumi Mabhena    
9 Jem’s Crown Rebecca Leathers    
10 EVOLVED homes® S. Lovey Parker    
11 SpendItEasy Sneha Puri Dhriti Gupta  
12 Cover Mark Peracchia    
13 Georgetown REUSE Brooke Hodge Stephane Granato Molly Austin
14 Rash-tions Rashid Gargash    
15 Roompo Ayana Reiner    
16 GameDayRides Ranjan Biswas    
17 Woodley Fungiculture David Lange    
18 REVIVE Kellea Evans    
19 inpairs Zachariah Elkordy    
20 Hoyabay Braeden Levine    
21 Orbit Steven Pang    
22 DYNA Arjun Valay Andrew Babyak  
23 Boujee Boba Ishmam Ahmed    
24 Principally Charles-André Sebastian Jolly Gabriella Jolly
25 ScrapBucks Asad Pabani Meghana Kaladi  
26 Ice Aaron Greenstein Montagu Cortazzi  
27 Bibi’s Kitchen Nehemia Abel Meghna Chadha  
28 Venali William Hansen    
29 Allergen Ally Margot Barrett    
30 OneKard Somtochukwu Caleb Obiagwu    
31 GradConnect Alexis Cohen Bruno Avila Hernandez  
32 Subzero Thermaspray Clark Jones Kishor Moorthy  
33 Estuary Mikey Young Alec Livney Alex Saunders
34 Chai Spot Suhani Garg    
35 Tese Bank Nyasha Gandawa Will Nemoy  
36 Alm & Amenities Simon Zhang    
37 ReRent Jimmie Robinson    
38 Cicada Max Potter    
39 Candidworks.LLC HuiZhai    
40 FinancialFuture Kunal Borde    
41 Neyloo Andres Brillembourg    
42 Sixth Sense Vishwanath Ganesh Kumar    
43 Alone No More Dion Lorenz L. Romano Hermella Mathewos  

Individual students or teams of up to three may enter. Click the button below to learn more about eligibility requirements.

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