How long should my slide deck be?

Only 1 slide is allowed. Remember, you have only 2 minutes and you don’t want to rush – so pick out the most important points and state those in a clear, compelling way. 

What should I include in my pitch?

Any successful pitch should have 6 components:

  1. Introduction/Hook
  2. Describe the problem and for whom
  3. Describe your solution 
  4. Explain the business model: who pays? how do you make money?
  5. Make the ask – what do you need and for what purpose?

For more information on each of these components, see here: http://fortune.com/2016/01/26/entrepreneur-pitch-investors-tips/

Who will the judges be?

The judges are recruited from Georgetown alumni and other local business leaders. They are a combination of entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. Each judging panel will consist of between 8 and 12 judges. 

Can I participate if one of my team members is not a Georgetown student?

At least one of the members of the team must be either undergraduate, graduate, or certificate-seeking students currently enrolled at Georgetown University. Only Georgetown students are allowed to pitch.

Do I have to use PowerPoint, or can I use some other software like Prezi?

You are required to use one PowerPoint slide.