Winners of Ventures and Values Pitch Competition!

           On Tuesday, May 2nd the Ventures and Values Pitch competition distributed $12K in prizes amongst its top three winners.

  1. First place:  Communicare (Sam Subramanian, Varsha Venkatram, Chris Strawn, Thomas Fischbeck, Sevilla Jin, Andreas Moeller, Sydney Winter)
  2. Second place: University Plasma (Richard McGrail)
  3. Third place:  Simple Soup (Matthew De Meulder, Patrick De Meulder, Evan Birns, Marco Landolfi, William Baker, William Connolly, Leila Butler, Julien Sims

    The annual Ventures and Values Pitch Competition, co-sponosored by GISME and the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, features student groups formed in ethics courses taught by GISME faculty.

    In class, students create their own business ideas and defend them against hypothetical ethical dilemmas.

    For the pitch competition, the student groups must convince a panel of judges, consisting of faculty, alumni, and entrepreneurs-in-residence, that their business idea will not only be profitable, but that it will be ethical. Made possible by the Templeton Foundation.

    Congrats to our winners!