Alyssa Lovegrove

Senior Advisor & Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship

Alyssa Lovegrove is a Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Georgetown McDonough MBA and Undergraduate programs, and the Academic Director of the Georgetown Pivot Program, a business and entrepreneurship certificate program for formerly-incarcerated individuals.

Alyssa began her career as a corporate relationship manager at Bankers Trust Company, and later joined management consultants McKinsey & Company, where she focused on the financial services and consumer retailing sectors in the US and Europe. She left consulting to become the Co-Founder of the Great Little Trading Company (GLTC Ltd), a UK-based online and mail-order retailer of children’s household products. After ten years, Alyssa stepped down from day-to-day management of the company and became an advisor to both commercial and social sector start-ups.

Since her return to the US in 2007, Alyssa has been focusing on the development of innovative entrepreneurship and employment programs for individuals facing economic and social challenges. In 2009, she launched New Venture Mentors, a platform to support aspiring entrepreneurs from underserved economic communities; she is currently an advisor to BroadFutures, which provides internship opportunities to learning-disabled young adults, and Dog Tag Bakery, an entrepreneurship-based transition program for disabled military veterans and their caregivers.

Alyssa has a Bachelor of Arts (honors) in government from Harvard University and an MBA (finance/public administration) from the NYU Stern School of Business.