Talia Fox, EIR


Expertise: Leadership, Strategist, Team Management, and Partnerships

Talia Fox, the CEO of KUSI GLOBAL Inc., is an internationally known Leadership Strategist/Learning Architect who has designed thousands of training curricula and experiences across diverse industries. She holds a master’s degree in Education and graduated from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Leadership Fellowship Program. Recently Ms.Fox has led a 9-month cohort based change initiative at the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) that landed a #1 spot on Learning 100 for outstanding results in design and executive performance outcomes.


Talia Fox has proven leadership skills, including managing and motivating large teams to achieve goals, exceed expectations, and find purpose. She is an effective communicator at all levels and a known presentation skills facilitator with strong problem solving and analytical capabilities. Ms. Fox is also a cultural competence expert with a high capacity to cultivate relationships that result in key strategic partnerships and collaborations.