Setting Your Standards High with Pratt Standard

What is one to do when they like one half of a mixed drink, but not the other? They change it. At least, that is what Tory Pratt (SFS’11) and founder of Pratt Standard, set out to do.

As someone who grew up in a household in the food industry, Pratt always had high standards when it came to food and beverage products. She found herself disappointed with existing, low-quality, and highly processed cocktail syrups that she felt masked the taste of the liquors with which they were frequently paired. Pratt decided to start experimenting by making her own syrups with simpler and better ingredients at home using original recipes. As a result, Pratt Standard was born with the mission of revitalizing liquor syrups with better ingredients and elevating the craft cocktail drinking experience.

Six years after launch, Pratt Standard now sells 11 unique craft cocktail syrups designed to be mixed with different liquors to form the perfect cocktail. In addition to craft cocktail syrups, Pratt Standard also offers bartending classes. During the pandemic as people tried to find unique ways to enjoy their time at home, Pratt Standard’s cocktail syrups and virtual classes offered the perfect opportunity for anyone to become a bartender in the comfort of their own homes.

“Most people think making cocktails is hard, but it’s not,” said Pratt. “The best cocktails in the world can be made with just three ingredients and they can be made in under 30 seconds. Once you know how to do it and you have the right ingredients, I can teach you in an hour how to be an amazing bartender.”

Over time new brands have emerged, eager to compete in the promising burgeoning cocktail syrup and home bartending market.

“I always thought we were ahead of a very interesting trend when it came to premium mixers, and last year the mixers market in the United States grew 28%,” said Pratt.

Pratt sets herself apart from her competitors with her love for the product and her investment in her business. This passion is seen through her classes, which moved online when the pandemic hit. The classes have reached a wide range of cocktail enthusiasts, especially through corporate partnerships with employers like Coca-Cola, Deloitte, the Kennedy Center, McKinsey, and even the White House.

However, Pratt’s favorite thing about the online classes is not the recognition she receives, but the relationships she is able to build with her customers. Pratt understands that her customers are the most important factor into the growth and success of her business.

“I love being adaptable to whatever my customer wants,” said Pratt. “We try our best to build those relationships and create whatever our customers need.”

The diligence Pratt has given to her syrups, her classes, and her customer relationships are seen in the success of her startup. She is excited to have been a participant in the inaugural Georgetown Startup Accelerator and looks forward to closing a round of investments to move her company forward. Over the years, Pratt has definitely set the standard high for cocktail syrups high.

You can find their products on the Pratt Standard website and in select retail locations across the country.