Learn About Entrepreneurship This Fall with These Exciting Courses!

Going back to school this Fall is certainly going to be a bit different than in semesters past. Georgetown Entrepreneurship wants to help you seize this moment by offering unique, innovative courses designed to teach you marketable lifelong skills. Whether you dream of starting your own company or just want a glimpse into the entrepreneurial mindset, we offer a variety of courses that will suit your schedule and nurture your mind:

  • Entrepreneurial Thought and Action for the Common Good (Jeff Reid, Shye Gilad) IDST-111:
    Learning to think and act like an entrepreneur could be the most valuable life skill you acquire in your time at Georgetown, even if you never want to start a business. This course will help students to broaden their view of entrepreneurship beyond popular Shark Tank or Silicon Valley mythology and to recognize how entrepreneurial thought and action are relevant and accessible to EVERYONE – no matter what major or career path you choose. In a world of ever-increasing disruption, change, and uncertainty, we will explore ways that entrepreneurial leaders can use creativity and innovation to solve important problems, and we will introduce students to resources that will help them become more entrepreneurial in their chosen field.
  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship (Shye Gilad, John Kenny) MGMT-220:
    Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful forces for positive change in our world. Whether you wish to start your own venture, work for a startup, practice “intrapreneurship” within a larger company, or simply want a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship, this course is for you. Gain the skills you will need to understand the startup ecosystem and learn about the myriad resources Georgetown has for student entrepreneurs. *Fulfills a requirement for the Entrepreneurship Minor*
  • Launching Entrepreneurial Ventures (Fiona Macaulay, Khuram Zaman) MGMT-224:
    Students who have an idea for a business or may be interested in launching their own startup in the future are invited to enroll in this unique course for budding entrepreneurs. Students will learn how to turn an idea into a fully-functioning company, how to develop a minimum viable product, and how to pitch their idea to potential investors.  *Fulfills a requirement for the Entrepreneurship Minor*