Koester Receives Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award

An excerpt from the McDonough School of Business…

Georgetown McDonough Adjunct Professor Eric Koester has received the Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year Award from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) for providing distinguished leadership in the field of entrepreneurship education.

“Thanks to his bold and experimental approach, Eric Koester is one of the most popular and respected professors at Georgetown, where students from all majors line up to attend his classes. He has influenced entrepreneurship educators from many universities to really rethink how they approach classroom learning,” said USASBE President-Elect Jill Kickul.

Koester teaches a class called Content Entrepreneurship: Book Creation, also known as the Creator Pedagogy, where students write and publish books throughout the span of a semester and a few additional months. Through the course, students experience entrepreneurship by discovering their passion and purpose, then building up their knowledge on the topic by creating a manuscript. Through his enterprise, the Creator Institute, he also works with students across the country to develop their own books.

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