Former College Footballers Darius Baxter, Troye Bullock, & Danny Wright Keep Kids Safe from Gun Violence with ‘GOOD Projects’

An excerpt from Forbes…

On an early Friday morning this past summer, a young male was found dead inside a vacant apartment building in the southwest neighborhood of Washington D.C. Killed by gunfire, the victim was 16-year-old Dominique Franklin. He was the city’s single gun-death of that day but six others were shot in separate incidences of violence. So far this year, the Washington Post has tracked over 200 homicides in the D.C. area. Like Franklin, most of the victims were young black boys and killed by bullets.

This bleak cloud of violence in the nation’s capital was the fire that fueled GOOD Projects founders Darius Baxter, Troye Bullock and Danny Wright. For the three Georgetown University graduates and former college athletes, it was a clarion call they could not ignore. GOOD Projects began as a way to help kids keep safe from the gun violence. All three D.C. natives were raised in areas where gun violence reigned.

“How could we ever truly say we are successful when you have hundreds of thousands of kids going to bed hungry in this country every night after not receiving an adequate education in school during the day,” said Baxter. “When you have young people feeling completely hopeless living to die as they murder their sisters and brothers in the streets of places like D.C., Baltimore, and Chicago.”

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