Disruption is Here to Stay So Let’s Be Entrepreneurial

An excerpt from the Washington Business Journal by Georgetown Entrepreneurship’s Founding Director, Jeff Reid…

The greater Washington, D.C. business community is in the throes of major disruption caused by Covid-19. People and businesses are suffering. The pain is real, and is often most acutely felt by our most vulnerable, whether it be communities of color or small businesses.

As we look to a future when the worst of the pandemic is behind us, we must acknowledge that things will not go back to normal. Constant change is here to stay, whether caused by health and environmental crises, technological advancements, or shifts in human behavior. The pace of change in our world is only going to increase.

To thrive in a world of frequent disruption, we must learn to embrace change, recognize new opportunities, and create solutions. In other words, we must all be more entrepreneurial.

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