Quinnie Lin left her job as a lawyer to launch QB Strategies. Here’s why

An excerpt from Technically…

Quinnie Lin comes from a social justice lawyering and community organizing background.

She’s been a part of the D.C. community for six years, originally moving here for law school at Georgetown University. After law school, she worked as an international anti-corruption attorney for a D.C. law firm on minority voter engagement and field organizing for a campaign, and was an organizer for the D.C.-area Planned Parenthood.

It sounds like she had it all figured out, right?

Well, everything that Lin knew changed when she was inspired by the Women’s March on Washington D.C. in 2017. The march prompted her to go back to public service, a journey that led her to start her own social impact consulting firm.

“The sense of hope and optimism I felt that day led me to recommit to working toward a world that is kinder than the one we live in now,” She said.

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