StartuHoyas Challenge 2016 Finalists


Artmonious – (Jordan Edelman  MBA ’16) A tinder-style app for art through which to learn and curate your personal taste.

Flynance – (Alex Heintze  MSB ’19) Weekly financial e-news blast for people who don’t have the time to read business news on a daily basis.

Freeda – (Megan Mizar MBA ’16) Dolls for young girls designed to foster diversity and encourage greater career exploration.

Hemeos – (Doug Grant MBA ’16, Jon Fernandez MBA ’16, Craig Poland MBA ’16) Independent blood stem cell registry focused on minority patients.

Microcoaching – (Emre Ruhi MBA ’17, Dan Tasch MBA ’17, Dwight Stalls III MBA ’17) On-demand video game coaching service targeted toward professional and aspiring competitive gamers.

PopHotel – (Alexandria Caine MBA ’16, Clyde McGraw MBA ’16, Keyvan ,Pajouhan MBA ’16, Michael Kelly MBA ’16) Transforms obsolete, Class B office space into short-term lodging.

Unsung Heroes – (Febin Bellamy MSB ’17, Harrison Williams COL ’16) Sharing the stories of unrecognized and under-appreciated workers all across college campuses.

Viva Will – (Shreya Adiraju MBA ’17, Michael Beck MBA ’17, Alexander Kost MBA ’17) A fast, easy and free online service designed to create a will and prepare you for the unforeseen.


Foodhini – (Noobtsaa Philip Vang  MBA ’16) Food delivery service designed to create sustainable income generation members of immigrant communities

GOODPartners – (Troye Bullock COL ’16, Darius Baxter COL ’15, Daniel Wright NHS ’16, Marcus Hughes COL ’16) Connects philanthropic individuals and corporations with underserved communities to create more efficient and effective programing

Perfect Profile – (David Pascual MBA ’17, David Liu MBA ’17, James Namude MBA ’17) Optimized dating profiles for everyone.

QUADmed – (Selen Oztunaoglu GRAD ’16, Trent Todd GRAD ’16) Technology for clinical trials that facilitates real-time data transfer from patients to researchers

Quick Carl – (Todd Forsman MBA ’17 Gus Davidson MBA ’17) Mobile technology to make home repair more efficient for both the customer and the small business service provider.