Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my slide deck be?

We recommend between 10-12 slides max.

Remember, you have only 6 minutes and you don’t want to rush – so pick out the most important points and state those in a clear, compelling way.  You can address other details during the Q&A. 

What should I include in my pitch?

Any successful pitch should have 6 components:

  1. Introduction/Hook
  2. Describe the problem and for whom
  3. Describe your solution 
  4. Explain the business model: who pays? how do you make money?
  5. Make the ask – what do you need and for what purpose?

For more information on each of these components, see here:

Who will the judges be?

The judges are recruited from Georgetown alumni and other local business leaders. They are a combination of entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. Each judging panel will consist of between 3 and 6 judges. 

Can I participate if one of my team members is not a Georgetown student?

At least one of the members of the team must be either undergraduate, graduate, or certificate-seeking students currently enrolled at Georgetown University. Only Georgetown students are allowed to pitch.

Do I have to use PowerPoint, or can I use some other software like Prezi?

We strongly encourage teams to use PowerPoint slide decks, and will ask you to submit your deck by noon on the day of your presentation so that the slides are loaded and ready when you enter the room. If you miss the cut-off or use a format other than Powerpoint, we cannot guarantee that we have the technical capability to support you.  We do also recommend you bring a copy of your slides on a thumb-drive just in case (it never hurts to have a backup!)