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Aligning with the Jesuit values of Georgetown University, the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize honors and supports Georgetown students who have launched or are preparing to launch new business ventures that will address problems in the world around them. Each year, teams or individuals compete to win an amount determined from the annual limit of $100,000. Ultimately, the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize builds awareness around the innovation and accomplishments of Georgetown’s entrepreneurs and strengthens the university’s reputation as a place where ambitious students can turn their passions into entrepreneurial ventures.

The prize is supported by Ted Leonsis (C’77, P’14, P’15), a longtime entrepreneur, investor, and founder, majority owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of Monumental Sports & Entertainment; his wife, Lynn; his son, Zach (MBA’15), senior vice president of strategic initiatives of Monumental Sports & Entertainment and general manager of the Monumental Sports Network, and his daughter, Elle (C’14), digital marketing director of SnagFilms, Inc.

Thank you to our Hoya entrepreneurs for making Bark Tank possible! We are excited to announce the winners of last night’s competition:

First Place ($30,000): Joylet by Alli Cavasino (MBA’22) and Natalie Poston (MBA‘22)
First Place ($30,000): STAFM Technology by Rory Brogan (MBA‘22)
Second Place and People’s Choice Award ($25,000): Compost’d by Gracey Owen (B‘22)
Second Place ($25,000): Chow Corp by Jordan Foley (L’21), Charles Magovern, and Abi Quackenboss-Karpf (SCS’21)
Third Place ($15,000): DAIGON by Elliot Mack (SFS‘22) and Younes Al Akhir
Third Place ($15,000): Map-Collective by Tara Gupta (MBA‘23)
Finalist ($5,000): Bellavent by Bek Akhmedov (MBA’23), Kenny Gabel (MBA’23), and Chike Nwankwo (MBA‘23)
Finalist ($5,000): Bibti by Emily Owen (G’21), Maxwell Zhang (SFS’21), and Shirley Hu (B‘23)

Bibti offers a mobile-based application which enables women to coordinate and connect with other nearby women as travel buddies in order to minimize the risk of sexual harassment. It is led by Emily Owen, Max Zhang, and Shirley Hu (SFS‘21).

Joylet is a baby gear rental company that gives families access to the best baby gear at a fraction of the retail price, offers flexible rental terms, and eliminates the hassle of long-term storage or disposal.

Chow Corp. uses food trucks to help train veterans and military spouses in the culinary arts as they pursue a pathway to business ownership. 

Bellavent is a platform where couples post their wedding needs and qualified vendors submit proposals.

DAIGON helps League of Legends players tired of the game’s toxicity through a discord server — platform to-be — that tracks its member’s in-game positivity to foster healthier competitiveness throughout weekly training games and fixed-team cash prize tournaments that provide amateurs a pro-like experience. It is led by Elliot Mack (SFS‘22).

Map-Collective Inc. is a carbon tracking and supply chain transparency platform. It is led by Tara Gupta (MBA‘23).

STAFM Technologies is developing a novel electric motor to revolutionize the automotive, aviation, and industrial verticals.

Compost’d LLC offers an in-home compost receptacle that connects its customers with proper disposal opportunities to make composting accessible, equitable, and easy for everyone.

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