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Aligning with the Jesuit values of Georgetown University, the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize honors and supports Georgetown students who have launched or are preparing to launch new business ventures that will address problems in the world around them. Each year, teams or individuals compete to win an amount determined from the annual limit of $100,000. Ultimately, the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize builds awareness around the innovation and accomplishments of Georgetown’s entrepreneurs and strengthens the university’s reputation as a place where ambitious students can turn their passions into entrepreneurial ventures.

The prize is supported by Ted Leonsis (C’77, P’14, P’15), a longtime entrepreneur, investor, and founder, majority owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of Monumental Sports & Entertainment; his wife, Lynn; his son, Zach (MBA’15), senior vice president of strategic initiatives of Monumental Sports & Entertainment and general manager of the Monumental Sports Network, and his daughter, Elle (C’14), digital marketing director of SnagFilms, Inc.

Thank you to our Hoya entrepreneurs for making Bark Tank possible! We are excited to announce the winners of this year’s competition:

$30,000: Homemade in DC, Mackenzie Loy (MSB’22)
$30,000: Proxy Foods, Panos Kostopoulos (MA’22)
$20,000: Global Pal, Neal Signal (MSB’23)
$15,000 (+$5,000 People’s Choice Award): LUCIO, Victoria Gomes-Boronat (MA’22)
$15,000:Tessen, Kilian Liptrot (L’23)
$10,000: Chestr, Besart Copa (SFS’22)
$10,000: Dreame, Victor Dreame (C’23)
$10,000: Budeli, Carlos Bello & Jinsung Bach (MSB’22)

Individual students or teams of up to three may enter. Click the button below to learn more about eligibility requirements.

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