2020 Summer Launch Incubator Companies

A Very Special Thanks to Those Who Make the Summer Launch Incubator Possible:

• Mark Silverman
• Robert Seidler
• Ray and Katie Peloso

We deeply appreciate your support in these challenging times!

TBD - Catherine Tenuta (MBA'21)

Catherine Tenuta (MBA’21) is offering a solution to apparel’s most significant environmental impact – waste. Catherine’s plan is to launch a circular apparel line that offers sustainably-sourced products with a continuous life cycle. Her business model develops products with a direct intent to reuse and engages customers by incentivizing product recycling.


Buried Moons - Alexander Cywes (SFS'23), Julia Tyson

A media company that manages social media pages targeted at creating a central location for brands to post about their giveaways. This company acts as a place where social media users can go to in order to find a collection of current giveaways on a range of social media platforms. Before, users had to know about the giveaways by coming across them on a brand’s account.

Chow Corp. - Jordan James Foley (L'21)

Chow is a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated in Maryland and future operator of food trucks. Chow honors America’s veterans by providing a pathway for aspiring culinary professionals coming from military service by operating one of our food trucks. The transition to civilian life is not easy, and it can be daunting when considering a complete career change. Whether a veteran has no food service experience or is a retired Culinary Specialist, we get them to where they need to go.

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Conch Fusion - Herbert Lamont Reynolds (SCS'20)

Conch Fusion is an aspiring catering and restaurant business that offers Caribbean seafood. Moreover, Conch Fusion intends to cater to all seafood lovers, primarily shellfish lovers that lack exposure to diverse shellfish options such as conch, which is a delicacy that’s specifically found in the Caribbean waters.


DeepSea - Elliot Loper (MBA'21), Tanner Courtney, and Evan McBroom

DeepSea is in the early stages of coding on premise cyber network penetration testing software. Our goal is to patent our software at soonest and market this product to scale in order to serve clients in both commercial and federal sectors.

Elliot Loper LinkedIn 

DrinkMore - Dhruv Solanki (MBA'21), Baldev Chopra (MBA'21), and Saransh Gupta (MBA'21)

DrinkMore, a new generation liquor store, lets you shop from widest variety of alcoholic beverages and keeps your budget in check. DrinkMore recognizes the busy lives and sudden impulse of alcohol buyers and focuses on delivering the order at a convenience no other liquor store can match. These retail stores will be virtual, not entertaining customers physically in the stores, while simultaneously allowing curb-side pickups. 

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Ehm Apparel - Sofia Sulikowski (B'21)

Ehm produces quality jeans and pants to increase the confidence and comfort of curvy and athletic women. It seeks to change the standard sizing to create an inclusive and need-fulfilling space for the target demographic.

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Gameville Entertainment - Steven Mucyo (B'20)

Gameville Entertainment is a social connecting Rwanda-based company that was started by three brothers. Gameville was established in 2017 to provide new games and activities to the population regardless of age due to the growing need for fun and healthy activities. We specialize in outdoor games, team building activities, and events planning. In order to provide top-notch services, we made all the activities that we provide reservation-based. Our clients have ranged from youths, organizations, to service providers like Marriott and Radisson Blu. Currently, we are the only team building company as well as the first company to provide organized outdoor activities.

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I-Fi - Jonathan Roberts (G'20)

I-Fi is an SaaS company dedicated to democratizing financial planning to provide financial advice for the other guys. We aim to provide an entire platform for better financial decision-making for all the what-ifs in life using both Cash Flow-based and Goal-based planning systems (industry best practices) and integrated with popular financial services platforms. I-FI accomplishes this through algorithm-based decision assistance, powerful interactive visualizations, and customizable financial dashboards with scenario based comparisons.


Kits to Heart - Sonia Su (SFS'20)

WINNER: Spirit of Georgetown Award

Kits to Heart is a social enterprise that gives thoughtfully designed, curated cancer care kits to patients and caregivers. Kits include items needed while undergoing treatment, as well as a brochure of local and online resources for psychosocial support, with access to a community of kit recipients and cancer alumni.


Parrotfish - Katherine Pearson (SCS'20)

WINNER: Rocket Award

Parrotfish provides plastic free, palm-oil free, personal care products. You now have the ability to ditch your branded plastic bottles and showcase a handmade bar that always strikes up a conversation! There is no plastic, less waste and more savings.

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PHNX - Erika Wohl (MBA'20)

PHNX is a vertically Integrated cannabis company with a diverse product portfolio and delivery sales in East Bay.


Project Olas - Rebecca Cox (SFS'23)

We employ moms in vulnerable Central American communities as Spanish language tutors via WhatsApp. We partner with financial literacy NGOs on the ground in places like the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, to outsource employment and training of moms, and simultaneously maintain a hyper local approach.

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$cratch - Michael G. Cox (MBA'20)

$cratch lets users ‘own their world’ by empowering regular people to pool resources to invest in real-estate and fast-growing companies.


Sherpa - Phoenix Do (B'21), William Powers (B'21)

Small business are hurting from COVID-19 and Sherpa is preparing for prospective tourism boom after the pandemic. We want consumers to be better connected and have discounts with local businesses through a subscription service. Meanwhile, our free model allows users to see what trendy places their friends have gone without having to ask them.

Phoenix Do LinkedIn | William Powers LinkedIn

Spotlight - Jacob Sabel (MiM’20), Tanatswa Mapondera (MiM’20)

Spotlight is an educational technology startup that offers an end-to-end solution that streamlines the fragmented hiring process, reduces bias, and uniquely educates students. On the students’ end, Spotlight goes beyond classroom learning and provides innovative educational modules centered on industry-based skills and competencies made in partnership with industry professionals.

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Scholar Bridge - Anthony Malone (L'20)

Scholar Bridge offers short term loans to graduate students to help provide them the capital they need to get them to their next federal student loan refund, or the start of their summer or full-time job. The loans are designed for all students that need extra capital, from those that face an emergency, like unexpected medical bills, to those that just want a little extra cash around the holidays. It uses a non-traditional underwriting criteria that considers things like the student’s school and program in the approval process.


Sun Kissed Skincare - Aluwet Deng (B'21), Brittany Jonee Malcolm (B'21)

We are a natural skin care company that curates the best of nature’s gifts to heal the skin. Our products are culturally derived from the founders’ South Sudanese and Bahamian heritage. We are a faith-based company that believes in the value of giving back; to our community partners, to the people who use our products, to nature through conservation. We’re giving people confidence in their skin and empowering communities to grow with our company. Priced affordably, produced sustainably, our products stand in protest of the harmful chemical ingredients and corrupt standards of beauty adopted by the skincare industry. Instead, we encourage Sun Kissed users to embrace their God-given beauty.

Website | Instagram | Aluwet Deng LinkedIn 

Terra - Luis Garzon-Negreiros (MBA'20 and MSFS'20)

Terra addresses the absence of a quantitative measure of a consumer’s sustainability. The Sustainable Lifestyle Score provided by Terra will aggregate data from a consumer’s utilities usage and consumption patterns and then assign a Sustainable Lifestyle Score. Companies that provide rewards and incentives based on one’s Sustainable Lifestyle Score will benefit from higher visibility and greater connection to sustainability-minded consumers.


Team Magis - Nicholas Genovese (G'21)

Team Magis is a marketing and branding video production service for NFL athletes. It is somewhat similar to the concept of the House of Highlights Instagram account and media brand. However, unlike House of Highlights, this service aims to produce and deliver video content directly to NFL players for them to build their “self-brands” on social media.

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UHustle - Christy Felix (B'20)

UHustle is an online marketplace for college students with side hustles. We make purchasing from students easier, safer, and efficient.

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Underdog Sports - Jimmie Robinson IV (SCS'20)

Underdog Sports is here to help up-and-coming athletes get into the Canadian Football League with complete negotiation, consultation, and marketing solutions for both professional and unsigned athletes. Founder Jimmie Robinson IV (SCS’20) is a certified advisor who is dedicated to providing unparalleled exposure for Under-the-Radar prospects while helping pro teams discover the stars of tomorrow. Underdog Sports offers a full range of sports management services. 

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What's the Move? - Justus Pugh (B'20), Marvellous Osagie-Erese (B'20), and Amanuel Ghebremicael (B'20)

For young adults from all walks of life who want to fully experience everything their city has to offer, “What’s the Move?” is a location-based mobile application that makes finding plans easy. Simply input how much you would like to spend, the vibe of the outing, and the number of people, and “WTM?” will put together the perfect outing at the touch of a button.

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