Melissa Akkaway

Partner, Block 16 Hospitality

Melissa Akkaway is an entrepreneur and retail expert.  She launched a lifestyle clothing line in Los Angeles and is a restauranteur in Vegas.  Her family has deep roots in the fashion industry.  Today, Melissa carries on the family name with her advanced contemporary women’s ready-to-wear label, Beckley. Launched in 2011 and inspired by her heritage, Beckley “borrows from the boys”, blending masculine and feminine elements to create a collection that embodies refined ease.  The Beckley Brand is developed in New York and produced in Los Angeles, with the intricacy of traditional men’s tailoring. Each fabric is globally sourced to add character and femininity to each piece. Beckley is designed for the comfort and style of our quintessential woman of the world.  Melissa epitomizes the Beckley woman, a busy mother of two sons with a passion for travel and new experiences. She infuses her life with a sense of adventure, while relishing her home and strong family ties.