Cornelia Williams (NHS’22) Wins Big in the American Heart Association EmPOWERED to Serve 2021 National Business Accelerator

EMTomorrow, a business that took part in the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Summer Launch Incubator in the summer of 2021, takes second place.

Grant recipient: Cornelia Williams (NHS’22) is a senior at Georgetown University studying human science. She co-founded EMTomorrow in June 2020 with two colleagues at Georgetown, both of whom share her passion for health equity. Outside of EMTomorrow, Williams is an EMT and director of organizational equity for Georgetown EMS.

Mission Statement: EMTomorrow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creating an accessible emergency medical service pathway for underserved young adults by providing free EMT training. The program addresses the financial, social and geographical inaccessibility in EMT training and supports a career in medicine by ensuring immediate job placement into a paid position.

– How was the overall experience?
The American Heart Association Empowered to Serve Accelerator was a rigorous and rewarding experience. I worked alongside a cohort of social impact entrepreneurs and received guidance from a wonderful mentor in the program. By the end, I had developed new aspects of our program that I could not have anticipated before entering into the accelerator.

– Did Summer Launch at all help you prepare?
The Summer Launch Incubator was a valuable stepping stone into this experience. In the incubator, my team had worked on our business model, market need, and long-term plan for sustainability. During the accelerator, I then used this foundation to dig deeper in developing each plan.

– What did you take away from it all?
Through the program, I refined EMTomorrow’s unique value proposition and mapped out a more scalable and sustainable plan for growing our impact. I also worked on how to convey the story and importance of our organization to a national audience. I feel now that EMTomorrow has the strategy and support to achieve our mission.

– What is next for EMTomorrow?
We’re working closely with local partners to launch the EMT training program within the next year! We have all the moving parts, but we are still working through the accreditation and licensing processes to run the program in the District.