Gretchen Hansen


CEO and Founder, Decorist 

Gretchen Hansen is the founder and CEO of Decorist, the leading online interior design platform, with over 500 designers nationwide. Hansen started Decorist in 2014 as a new way for consumers to design and shop for their homes—all virtually. Using innovative technology to help customers visualize their new homes, the Decorist platform delivers a personalized, virtual experience to thousands of customers across the country. Soon after launch, Decorist quickly gained attention of large retailers including Lowe’s, Target, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Decorist was acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond in 2017. Hansen continues to run the company and is focused on building the new category of online home services and 3D visualization technologies. 

Gretchen graduated with honors from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where she earned a certificate in international business diplomacy. She also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.