Season Three Ep 3: GetWellNetwork (GWN)

Michael O’Neil, a JD-MBA, launched GetWellNetwork (GWN) while still a student at Georgetown. Over the past twenty years, he has grown it into a multimillion dollar company that has partnered with the largest hospitals in the US, and vastly improved the hospital experience for their patients. GWN is now expanding into the Middle East, Europe and Australia, and Canada.

Season Three Ep 2: Latch

Luke Schoenfelder co-founded Latch in his mid-twenties and has grown it to a value of approximately $500M. The company has partnered with UPS and Walmart, among others, and successfully delivered three high tech lock devices, and the software behind them, to market.

Season Three Ep 1: MGC & Events

Mary Giuliani (C’97), founder of MGC & Events, is a NYC event planner and caterer to the stars. When she’s not on TV sharing party tips with Rachael Ray, she is often designing sets for fashion shows or movie and TV premiers, and creating tasty dishes that complement the theme.

Season Two Ep 4: One Tent

Mackenzie Copley (C’15) founded One Tent Health, a DC non-profit that offers free HIV screenings to DC residents in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. His work has caught the attention of national and international health experts, including those at the World Health Organization (WHO).