How to Apply to GSI

Apply via Internship Posting Links

Thank you for your interest in the Georgetown Startup Internship Seminar!


Via MyAccess, you can enroll today in UNXD 4950 (undergrad) or UNXD 7950 (grad) Startup Internship Seminar for the spring or summer semester. You are required to secure an internship with a startup or growth-stage company (1-499 employees) before the end of drop/add period to be eligible to complete the course.

There is a “Bring Your Own Internship” option to enroll in UNXD 4950/7950 Startup Internship Seminar, so you can find additional startup internships at:


If you find your own internship at a startup or growth-stage company (1-499 employees) and want to enroll in the course, please email Prof Mike Malloy <> with details about the internship for approval. There are a few students each semester who bring their own internships and then enroll in the Startup Internship Seminar. As soon as you receive an internship offer letter, you need to finalize your internship and make sure you have self-enrolled in UNXD 4950/7950 via MyAccess.


You can apply today to any of these GSI internship postings on Handshake.

This list will be updated with new internships when they are posted. Check back often to ensure you don’t miss out on your dream internship! As soon as you receive an offer letter, it’s time to finalize your internship.

10-Minute GSI Info Session

Watch the info session video to learn more about the Georgetown Startup Interns program. You can also review the Startup Internship Seminar Info Session slides.

Key Dates

Spring Internships

  • Today: You can self-enroll in spring classes on MyAccess and add UNXD 4950/7950 to your schedule*
  • November 1 – January 10: Ongoing applications on Handshake and interviews to secure internships
  • January 10: Deadline to finalize your internship with GSI and enroll in UNXD 4950/7950
  • January 10: First day of the spring semester
  • January 19: Last day to add/drop UNXD 4950/7950 and finalize your internship with GSI
  • January 20 – March 1: Ongoing applications on Handshake and interviews to secure internships for Mod B term
  • March 1: Deadline to finalize your internship with GSI and enroll in UNXD 4950/7950 for Mod B term
  • March 4: First day of the Mod B term
  • May 10: Last day of the fall semester
*Students can self-enroll in UNXD 4950/7950 on MyAccess before securing an internship. Students must apply to internships, receive an offer before the semester begins, and finalize their internship to take this class.

How to Apply to GSI

Frequently Asked Questions

Georgetown’s Startup Internship Seminar is open to sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students (UNXD 4950) in any degree-seeking program with any major and graduate students (UNXD 7950) in almost any degree-seeking program across the university because every student can benefit from startup internship experience. International students are encouraged to enroll and apply to internships.

Freshman are not eligible to enroll in UNXD 4950 until the summer before sophomore year.

UNXD 4950/7950 is eligible for CPT authorization after you secure an internship offer letter. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is an F-1 off-campus authorization for paid and unpaid positions directly related to the major field of study listed on Page 1 of the Form I-20. CPT can be used to authorize a variety of positions. Please contact the Office of Global Studies (OGS) and your academic dean or director of graduate studies to submit your CPT Request Form.

Yes, you can make a copy of this Sample Job Offer Letter. Only international students are required to have an offer letter in this format for CPT authorization.

You can apply to as many GSI internships and other internships you find online as you wish. We recommend only committing to one internship during the semester. It is also important to communicate transparently with potential employers if you are evaluating other options before you sign an offer letter.

If you apply to an internship that is not on the GSI list, please email the position description and company website as soon as you decide to apply to Mike Malloy <> to make sure it will be approved if you get an offer letter. The primary requirement is that the company has 1-499 employees. Once you receive your offer letter, you will fill out the Finalize Your Internship with Georgetown Startup Interns and select “Other” as the company name and provide the name in the additional comments field.

UNXD 7950 Graduate Startup Internship Seminar is a 3-credit elective during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

UNXD 4950 Undergraduate Startup Internship Seminar is a 3-credit elective during the fall and spring semesters. During the summer semester, there is also a 0-credit elective to offer tuition savings to undergraduate students. International students are required to take the 3-credit course for CPT authorization.

The Startup Internship Seminar is a semester-long program. Students who are enrolled in the course must meet all academic requirements and deadlines to earn course credit and their Startup Intern Certification. There is a compressed version during Mod B of the fall and spring semesters in case you receive your internship offer letter after the drop/add deadline at the beginning of the semester. See above for the timeline for each semester.

During the fall and spring semesters, we expect students to work 8-12 hours/week with a maximum of 20 hours/week. During the summer semester, we expect students to work 40 hours/week with a minimum of 20 hours/week.

Internships typically finish at the end of the semester, but students and companies are free to negotiate an extension to continue working together. International students with CPT must finish their internship by the last day of finals.

Graduate students can only enroll in the course once. Undergraduate students are only eligible to earn 3 credits total from the Startup Internship Seminar. You may only take the course once during the fall or spring semester. If you enrolled in the 0-credit section during the summer, you are still eligible to enroll in the 3-credit section during a future fall or spring semester if and only if you are also actively working at a startup internship that semester.

Exploring Entrepreneurial Career Paths

Watch this 45-minute presentation from Prof Malloy for a sneak preview of the content and career advice you will receive from the Startup Internship Seminar. You can also review the Exploring Entrepreneurial Career Paths Slides.