Georgetown Alumnus Builds Million Dollar SAT-Tutoring Business

Georgetown alumnus Adam Shlomi (SFS’20) created a million dollar SAT tutoring business called SoFlo SAT Tutoring that now has one hundred tutors and $1 million in annual revenue. Created in 2019, the company went from $150,000 annual revenue during its first year of operations to the current seven-digit amount. The company offers both SAT and ACT tutoring over Zoom for students with a variety of college goals. 

Shlomi became interested in SAT tutoring in high school when he saw first-hand the importance of the test in the college admissions process. 

“From my own experiences applying to colleges, I knew that SAT tutoring would be highly beneficial to all high school students looking to improve their scores and land an acceptance letter to their dream school,” said Shlomi. 

After Georgetown, Shlomi began a career in banking but reconsidered his path following an injury to his ankle. When doctors told him he might not be able to walk again, so he left his banking job to focus on an endeavor he could pursue at home. 

While attending Georgetown, Schlomi took Foundations of Entrepreneurship with Jeff Reid, professor of practice and director, Georgetown Entrepreneurship. This class introduced him to a forum of entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to talk about their experiences. He also lived in Georgetown’s Yellow House, a hub of entrepreneurship-related clubs and student startups, while at the university.

Shlomi was able to grow the company quickly by focusing on word-of-mouth, traditional advertising, and investing in quality tutors. The company also saw boosted growth during the pandemic as SoFlo Tutoring offers online sessions to students. 

While marketing has been instrumental in growing the tutoring company, Shlmoni has been keen on making SoFlo known for its expert services. 

“Even though I had to put some parts of my life on hold as I recovered from surgery, I knew I didn’t want to just sit still and wait to get better—my drive, ambition, and experiences with Georgetown Entrepreneurship really pushed me to grow SoFlo Tutoring,” said Shlomi.