Troye Bullock (C’16), EIR


Co-Founder, GOODProjects

Expertise: Scaling Social Ventures, Emerging Economies, Major Partnerships, and Thought-Leadership

Troye Bullock Jr. is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for GOOD. He is a pioneer in the social impact space for creating equity and opportunity for the nations most at risk populations who historically have experienced trauma and poverty. As a native of Washington, D.C. Troye knows what it means to be poor and experience trauma. Growing up in a forgotten community Troye was the oldest of 3 to a mother who suffered from Sickle Cell Anemia and was bedridden and out of work when he turned 12 years old. It is because of this Troye took it upon himself to focus on athletics and academics at a young age. He excelled at Dematha Catholic High School and earned a scholarship to Georgetown University where he played football and studied Sociology. It was at Georgetown where he found his passion for social impact as he mentored and tutored juvenile youth and ran a Saturday programs to increase test scores of low income African America high school students. Troye completed a thesis study on Affirmative Action and Inequity in Higher Education in America.

In 2016 at Georgetown Troye graduated, co-founded GOOD, and became a Teach for America Corp member in Washington, DC. GOOD is a collaborative of organizations seeking to combat violence and move families out of poverty on a block by block basis by implementing success driven plans for each individual in each household.

GOOD also is known for it’s impact on the reformation of the Juvenile Justice system in Washington, D.C. through piloting the Credible Messenger Initiative which takes incarcerated youth out of facilitates, pin points specific problems that led them into crime, and provides them with individualized plans to change their path to success focusing on restorative practices using transformative mentorship and family engagement services.

As a leader in the Credible Messenger initiative Troye created impactful youth engagement strategies on a micro and macro level by leveraging partnerships with government agencies, public and private workforce providers, mental health agencies, and local non profits. By providing youth with opportunities to grow their education, expand their professional index, and address traumatic experiences, Troye was able to move youth out of the system and into colleges and into the workforce. He also was able to develop data driven systems for successful transformative mentorship including individualized outcome and tracking mechanisms.

Under GOOD, Troye also co-founded the GOODFund which is a Venture Capital firm which invests in minority owned growth stage businesses and affordable housing while leveraging these investments to facilitate training and hiring of impoverished individuals. The focus in the GOODFund is to ensure all citizens in America get a fair shot at funding for their businesses and a fair shot at entering the workforce beyond the low skilled labor industry.

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