Jessica Carson,
Entrepreneur in Residence

Author, Founder, TED Speaker, Senior Director of Venture & Entrepreneurship at The American Psychological Association

Expertise: Psychology, Mental Health Startups, Well-Being, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Conscious Leadership, Coaching

Jessica is currently the Senior Director of Venture & Entrepreneurship at The American Psychological Association, the largest organization of psychologists in the world, an Expert in Residence at Georgetown University, and Founder of The Magnum Opus Academy. She is also the author of Wired This Way, an exploration of the light and dark of the creative mind, which bears its own TED talk. With a diverse background in psychology, neuroscience, startups, venture capital, and mindfulness, Jessica’s unique approach to wholeness — with its emphasis on the light and dark of creative and entrepreneurial individuals/workplaces — resonates with academic and lay audiences alike. Her work has been featured across diverse institutions including Georgetown University, London School of Economics, Columbia Business School, ScaleTech, The Psychiatric Times, Oxford University Press, Thrive Global, StartUp Fest, Society for Psychologists in Management, and many others.

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