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The MBA Entrepreneurship Track (see modules below) is designed for McDonough MBA students with a strong entrepreneurial interest, which is not limited to being the founder of a company, while in school. Students’ intended career path may be one of the following:

  • Starting a company (or non-profit venture) immediately during/after school – or at some point later in their career
  • Joining the management team of an existing start-up or emerging growth venture, including but not limited to those in the vibrant Washington, DC technology sector
  • Being part of entrepreneurial efforts within a larger, existing organization (sometimes referred to as “intrapreneurship”)
  • A role that requires close interaction with and understanding of entrepreneurs, such as venture capital, consulting, investment banking, or private wealth management

Available Fall 2018

- STRT 580: Understanding Entrepreneurship

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Available Spring 2019

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The Georgetown MBA Venture Fellows Program is designed as a unique one-year apprenticeship in a venture capital or private equity firm. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in VC/PE, while firms benefit from high-quality work and the continuity of having an “intern” for longer than a few weeks.

The MBA Venture Fellows are selected in January/February and during the spring semester work approximately 10 hours per week for a venture firm doing tasks such as due diligence, deal sourcing, and assisting portfolio companies. During the summer, the Fellow works full-time as a summer intern in the firm, and may be paid a market-rate wage, which varies by firm. When the fall semester starts, the Fellow goes back to part-time work for approximately 10 hours per week. The apprenticeship ends in December, although the Fellow may continue to work for the firm after that time if both parties are in agreement as such.   Fellows are eligible to receive academic credit during the spring and fall semesters by completing an independent tutorial project with a faculty sponsor.

The MBA Venture Fellows program is run by the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative in conjunction with the McDonough School of Business MBA Program, the MBA Career Center, along with generous assistance from a faculty group led by Professors Sezer Ulku, Sandeep Dahiya, and Jeff Reid.


Jobs are posted by January and Fellows are selected by February, with the students starting their apprenticeship in early February running through December. Below is a rough program timeline:

VC/PE firms post internships
Students submit resumes and cover letters
Venture Fellows Selection Event (speed dating interviews + reception)
Late January
Further interviews, office visits (if necessary)
Early February
Deadline for firms to make offers; selection process concludes
Students work ~10 hours a week during the spring semester
Fellows work full-time during the summer
Fellows continue working ~10 hours a week