Ellen Eisenberg, EiR

Expertise: Building and growing teams, Sourcing and Preserving Talent, Creation, care and maintenance of company culture.

Industry: Manufacturing, Automation

Ellen Eisenberg is an experienced entrepreneur whose focus is on building and growing effective teams. Ellen was a co-founder of United Sortation Solutions and Eurosort, Inc- both companies in the Material Handling Industry. Ellen helped grow these companies from start up in 2003 to 168 employees at exit in 2018. Ellen’s expertise lies in identifying positions to best support the growth needs of a company, defining the roles of new team members, and the sourcing and preservation of talent. Ellen has found that a focus on ‘hiring the right people and letting them do their job ‘ results in a dedicated and driven team that is so important for success in both early venture and growth stages.

In addition to the Human Resources focus, she was responsible for the Administration side of running the businesses including accounting and company compliance with Federal/ state/ local laws, taxation, licensing, regulations and guidelines.

Currently Ellen continues her role as Vice President of Administration at Eurosort .

Ellen has a BS in Business and International Trade from the University of Buffalo, and a MA in Instructional Design from the University of Maryland.

Working with the Georgetown Entrepreneur program allows Ellen to share her experiences with those just starting out to help make the path of the new entrepreneur a bit easier. In addition to working as an EIR, She also supports entrepreneurs at Halcyon Incubator and is on the advisory board of Hera Hub.

Ellen is a recent arrival to DC and lives with her husband and dog in Georgetown. Other interests include fitness, gardening, and reading. Ellen also volunteers with the Georgetown Village and Friends of Rose Park to help support her new community.

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