We Are. Venturing Hoyas!

By Ellie Wheeler (COL ’04), Joe Rizk (BSBA ’04), and Rick Desai (BSBA ’04)

Welcome to Venturing Hoyas (VH), a community of Georgetown students and alumni in startups, social enterprise, and venture capital working to promote Hoya Entrepreneurship. We know that entrepreneurship at Georgetown has been a growing area of focus, but we also recognize the broader need to build a tighter community among alum. We want to welcome anyone within the startup ecosystem, whether you are starting your own business, involved in the legal startup side, work at a VC, etc (or even if you are just considering making the transition).

Our core mission is to create a close community, and we plan to do that with the following initiatives and events:

· Social Events: Regularly scheduled happy hours and networking events. The easiest way for us to quickly build a stronger network, get to know each other, and see if people within the group can be helpful to each other.
· Demo/Pitch Days: Getting members of our community to pitch and showcase their ideas to get constructive feedback.
· Speaker Series: Welcoming experienced Hoya alumni within the industry to host private chats with us to discuss their successes and failures.
· Recruiting Program: Getting a presence on campus in D.C. to recruit undergrad/grad students to summer internships and full-time opportunities at startups.
· Mentorship Program: Linking more experienced alum with recent graduates and first-time entrepreneurs in their respective industries.

We can eventually get to all of these, but to get things off the ground, we want to first encourage all of you to:

1) Officially join VH: Please visit our landing page, which will take you to our meetup page where you can become a member, engage with other Venturing Hoyas, and get details on upcoming events.

2) Tell your friends! Please forward this email or share the landing page with other Hoyas that you think would be interested

3) Follow/Join us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

4) Reach out directly if you would like to be involved in helping host and organize events.

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